RoadAid by MOBCODERS has been nominated
Mobile Awards 2012 for Best Danish App, Danish App Awards 2012 & LLGA2013 | Cities Pilot the Future


We have extensive expertise in developing applications for Android.

Developing native applications only, we ensure you get the most out of every smartphone device. This also provides a high level of platform compatibility and familiarity.

Our vast experience in developing complex applications with multiple components and for multiple users, enables us to offer custom tailored apps for consumer and enterprise use.


At MOBCODERS we create innovative apps for the popular iPhone and iPad.

The key to our success in developing unique apps that suits your needs, is our technical knowledge on the smartphone platforms.

Successfully adapting new technologies and utilizing the latest trends on each platform, we make sure our clients are always up-to-date with easy to use apps and enhanced user experience.


Eventhough Windows Phone is relatively new, we have developed several applications on this platform.

The MOBCODERS team has built strong competences in delivering innovative mobile solutions for social networking, location based services, trading & investment, and other integrated and highly connected environments.


MOBCODERS has in-depth knowledge of developing software on the Microsoft .NET platform.

We can provide both front and backend solutions on this platform.

Furthermore, putting this knowledge in good use, we can provide scalable backend solutions, serving your mobile apps. Regardless if it's on premise or cloud based, such as Windows Azure.

Through our strong experience, we have specialized in the complete framework and life cycle of software development, ensuring we deliver applications tailored to our clients' requirements with focus on supporting their business.